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Menorrhagia after taking oral contraceptives daily can be caused by side effects of the drug, or due khổng lồ a weak health condition or taking the pill at the wrong time & irregularly every day.
Menorrhagia is an abnormal occurrence during menstruation. Normal menstrual cycle ranges from 28-32 days with the amount of blood out in the range of 50-80ml. However, when menorrhagia occurs, the amount of menstrual blood in a woman"s body is more than usual (over 80ml) and lasts for 7 consecutive days. If the bleeding is continuous for a long time, it can lead to lớn blood loss, the toàn thân is weakened.
The daily oral contraceptive contains one progestin & one estrogen. The blister pack contains 21 pills & comes with 7 inactive tablets. The main mechanism of birth control pills is khổng lồ inhibit ovulation. In addition, the drug also thickens cervical mucus, so it prevents sperm from passing through the cervix khổng lồ enter the fallopian tubes to meet the egg, making the endometrium thin, asynchronous, inhibiting implantation, leading khổng lồ infertility. Khổng lồ slow sperm movement. A side effect of daily oral contraceptives is to cause menorrhagia. Therefore, it is normal to lớn have menorrhagia after taking oral contraceptives every day. However, this phenomenon is considered normal if the period after taking oral contraceptives occurs for a short time only. It takes about 6 months for the toàn thân to adapt lớn the pill after using the pill every day. In case of taking oral contraceptives every day, but menorrhagia for many days and becomes heavier, you should go lớn medical facilities to be examined & find out the cause. The reasons can be mentioned as: Using birth control pills at the wrong time every day: if you learn about daily birth control pills, you will definitely know a cảnh báo when using this drug. Need lớn drink fixed 1 time frame per day. If women take the pill at the wrong time, menorrhagia will soon appear. Using birth control pills with irritating ingredients: each type of birth control pill will have different ingredients khổng lồ bring the effect to lớn suit the user"s wishes. However, there are ingredients that can cause irritation to lớn women"s health. That can cause menorrhagia khổng lồ appear as a warning. Having dangerous diseases: Menorrhagia appearing when women take oral contraceptives can be a sign of some dangerous diseases such as endometriosis and ovaries in the female body.

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Oral contraceptives should be taken daily in the evening or at night. In case of daily menstrual bleeding, the pill should be taken at the following 2 times: evening and night is the best time. This helps to avoid reactions lớn the foods eaten during the day.
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Should rest properly: Another measure khổng lồ prevent taking birth control pills with menorrhagia is to rest properly, avoiding áp lực that causes fatigue. Gentle exercise, meditation, or yoga can be combined with deep breathing exercises to lớn create comfort in the toàn thân and reduce áp lực levels. Should eat in moderation, reasonable: Eating in a moderate và reasonable way lớn maintain a healthy body is very necessary. Should showroom green vegetables to the diet, eat more fruits và vegetables for the body. Eating irregularly, causing the body to gain weight và sometimes thua weight can affect the balance of hormones in the toàn thân and even lead to nutritional disorders. Take birth control pills every day at the right time, at the right dose: Taking birth control pills every day at the wrong time và not every day can lead to abnormal vaginal bleeding, causing menorrhagia. Therefore, in order to avoid menorrhagia after taking oral contraceptives, you should pay attention to lớn taking the pill on time, in full & in the right dose. Even a lack of 1 pill can disrupt hormones & cause abnormal vaginal bleeding. vì chưng not drink alcoholic beverages: Alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, or coffee are stimulant drinks that are not good for human health. Therefore, the abuse of alcohol, beer or coffee has inadvertently disrupted the endocrine system in the body toàn thân and led khổng lồ menorrhagia. Go to lớn the hospital: If you have a menstrual period that lasts for more than 6 months, or if you have heavy bleeding accompanied by other symptoms such as cramps, you should go lớn a medical facility lớn be examined by a doctor. & give the most accurate advice. If necessary, your doctor will prescribe another type of birth control pill or advise you lớn switch to another method of birth control. In summary, menorrhagia when taking this oral contraceptive should be monitored, if menorrhagia persists and worsens, it is necessary to lớn see a doctor lớn be examined, determine the correct cause và take measures. Timely intervention. Any problems with menstrual disorders, including menorrhagia after taking birth control pills & other gynecological diseases will be detected, screened and accurately evaluated in the Secondary Pathology Examination and Screening Package Basic department implemented by vincitysdaimo.com International General Hospital. The examination package includes the following contents: Gynecological examination; Transvaginal ultrasound of the uterus và ovaries; Bilateral breast ultrasound; Tests such as: Treponema pallidum rapid test, Chlamydia rapid test, taking samples for cervical-vaginal cytology, bacterioscopic staining (female vaginal fluid), HPV genotype PCR automated system; Total urinalysis by automatic machine. With vincitysdaimo.com"s comprehensive chất lượng in terms of medical expertise, equipment & supplies, customer care services & confidentiality, respect for customers" personal privacy, you can complete You can feel secure when you sign up for the Basic Gynecological Screening Package here.

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