Rebel Là Gì

a person who is opposed khổng lồ the political system in their country và tries to change it using force :
a person who does not lượt thích rules or authority, và shows this by behaving differently from most people in society:

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a person who refuses khổng lồ accept the government’s power & uses force lớn oppose it, or a person who opposes authority & thinks or behaves differently:
Certainly, their jailbreaks, public displays of violence, & highly vocal protests fit a familiar image of swaggering và courageous rebels.
With rebellion came the birth of a terrible beauty and, for the rebels, a rebirth as heroes and martyrs.
Taxpayers rebelled or cooperated with governments to the extent they felt some measure of membership in the community.
The organic movement is thus gradually being integrated into the established agricultural systems against which it originally rebelled.
Of the remaining 112 rebels, 24 had died, 9 had been ennobled, 60 had retired, & 19 had been defeated at the polls.
The rebels enjoyed some significant early victories, but after a series of devastating defeats the movement lost its momentum.
A state of siege was decreed in the states controlled by rebels, rapidly extended to the entire country.
Fighters, both rebels & renegade army units, fought in the context of the collapse of state services & the unwillingness of politicians to lớn protect them.
While popular discontent eroded the social base of the regime và sapped the morale of its troops, it nurtured the rebels.
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Các từ hay được thực hiện cùng với rebel.

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The fact that both the armed government troops and armed rebel movements repeatedly take revenge upon the civilian population is a scandal which has lasted for too long.

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He described the rebel commander as a very bad subject, và wrote that he & other prisoners were treated poorly in the camp.