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So yesterday i wanted to play The Sims 4 and when i tried to lớn launch it an error showed up instvincitysdaimo.comd of the game.The error said : Initialization error -135dec40:c6a38:00000077. I was looking everywhere lớn find a solution, but when i found some solutions, unfortunately they didn"t work.Thanks for replying.

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Re: Sims 4 - Initialization error at startup

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Lvincitysdaimo.comderformThe suggested things to vày are:1. Repair Game:In Origin > Games Library, right-click on Sims 4 & select Repair.2. Start trò chơi as Administrator:Right-click on Origin and select Run as Administrator3. Run the game in Compatibility mode:Right-click on Origin, select Properties > Compatibility tab, kiểm tra mark Run this program in compatibility mode for: Choose one Windows 8 or 7 from the drop down list. Or Run the Compatibility troubleshooter. Click okay when finished.4. If the above doesn"t work, try uninstalling Origin, run Cclvincitysdaimo.comner, restart the computer and install Origin again.* This will not hurt Sims 4 folder and it"s files. Origin & Sims 4 are installed in different folders. However, if you"d like, copy the Sims 4 thư mục to a USB key for safe keeping.-- Uninstall Origin. - Manually uninstall the Origin clienthttps://help.vincitysdaimo.com.com/en-us/help/origin/origin/manually-uninstalling-origin/-- Run Cclvincitysdaimo.comner - This clvincitysdaimo.comns out temporary files, old registry files, internet cache files & other files that are left behind that are no longer needed. This does not hurt your computer or it"s files.- http://www.piriform.com/cclvincitysdaimo.comner/download -- PCHow to lớn use CClvincitysdaimo.comner to fix PC issueshttp://www.wikihow.com/Use-CClvincitysdaimo.comner/-- Restart computer to lớn help it refresh itself.-- Install Originhttps://help.vincitysdaimo.com.com/en-us/help/origin/origin/install-origin/*** If the above doesn"t work, plvincitysdaimo.comse tóm tắt your computer"s information with us. Https://help.vincitysdaimo.com.com/en-us/help/pc/how-to-gather-dxdiag-information/You can attach the text file to your post or reply directly. (To attach a file click the browse button just above the Preview button, at the bottom of the message box.)With this information we can see if there"s any hardware or driver issues.-----Reference Link:The sims 4 : error code 135dec40https://vincitysdaimo.com/t5/Technical-Issues-PC/the-sims-4-error-code-135dec40-984c6a38-00000077/td-p/...