Coc Coc browser allows you to lớn store your password & use it when needed, so if you forget your Facebook password on CocCoc, it doesn’t matter if you know how to lớn find your Facebook password on Facebook. CocCoc.

You must have seen messages asking if you want lớn save your password on Coc Coc browser. So what is the use of those notices except khổng lồ save the password for the next time you log in without having to re-enter it. That’s where your password is saved, helping you find your Facebook password on CocCoc in case you forget it. One of the extremely quality features on CocCoc.

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On Coc Coc the passwords are gathered in one place and you can view the passwords on Coc Coc easily, of course, managing whether the password on Coc Coc or deleting must go through the protection step that is the admin account. Of the computer. If you have lost the Facebook password you used on Coc Coc, you can apply the following way khổng lồ recover your Facebook password on Coc Coc.

Instructions lớn find Facebook password on Coc Coc

Step 1: To retrieve your Facebook password on Coc Coc first you need khổng lồ go to lớn the Settings – settings of this browser, follow the instructions in the image below.


Step 2: In the settings you continue khổng lồ go to the privacy section và select Password Managerhere will include all the passwords you have used & agree lớn save the password.

Step 3: In this you can easily find Facebook và your trương mục appears, if you use many other services such as tin nhắn or forums accounts, it can also be saved here if you agree.

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Step 4: When you click to view the password, the system will ask you enter computer trương mục Enter, this is the most important step in the process of finding Facebook password on Coc Coc, so if you are not the owner of the computer, it cannot be done.

And if entered correctly, your Facebook password will immediately appear, & then the process of finding Facebook password on Coc Coc is completed.

With just a few basic steps in Coc Coc, you can complete the process of finding Facebook passwords on Coc Coc, not only Coc Coc browser but also browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome brother. With this feature, with Google Chrome, it is quite similar to Coc Coc, so you can apply the password view method on Chrome to lớn retrieve your saved Facebook password, most users use the Chrome password view method. Are all successful.

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As for the Firefox browser, it is different, to be able to lớn see the password on Firefox although it is not difficult, but if you vì chưng not know how, it will take a long time to lớn find, refer khổng lồ the instructions on viewing passwords on Firefox to lớn know how to bởi it.

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