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The wearer of the blouse, however, is defiant, seeing in the blouse a way khổng lồ make herself attractive lớn her husband.
It is for such a man-modern in tastes and inclination- that the woman in the tài khoản dupes traditional authority và wears the blouse.
Actually, there seems to lớn have been resistance to wearing modern blouses among women, who often wore it under compulsion.
On page 18, she also wears either a cape or a blouse similarly decorated with skulls & crossbones.
Sometimes they are also used in puns, as with the article entitled đứng đầu secret, in which blouses, t-shirts và tops in general are features.
This is a somewhat fuzzy date in that photographs in 1923 show a loose standard dress of dark skirt and white blouse.
The uniform included a blue jumper, which ideally fell three inches below the knee, worn over a white blouse.
Sweaters or blouses, dresses or dress pants, the clothing và the deportment of the performers in these studio-controlled snapshots universally attest khổng lồ the respectability of the performer herself.
Women may have a couple of synthetic saris, using a blouse and lungi for daily wear, and own no gold jewellery other than the thin chain holding their marriage tali.
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an object that is made by a person, such as a tool or a decoration, especially one that is of historical interest

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