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a structure that is built across a river to provide water for farming, to produce electricity, or to lớn allow boats lớn travel more easily:
A barrage is also a great number of complaints, criticisms, or questions suddenly directed at someone:
They are designed khổng lồ withstand earthquakes & other acts of nature, & aren"t exposed khổng lồ a regular barrage of radiation.
The happy couple appeared for the first time for reporters arm-in-arm before a barrage of camera flashes hours after the announcement.
He ended a 10-minute barrage against economic exclusivity with a call to action, urging local leaders lớn include more minorities in business dealings.
While the security breach barrage on one over continues, investments are pouring into security technologies on the other end and it"s clearly not enough.
Critics say constantly prepping for the barrage of tests sucks up unreasonable amounts of class time.
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